As part of the International Church of the Nazarene we are able to join efforts with other Nazarenes to make a greater impact on our world. Our church's missionary effort has been blessed by the Lord from it's very beginning; Today, 49 out of every 100 Nazarenes live in countries other than the United States and Canada. We now have Nazarenes in over 116 countries and world areas. Also, Nazarenes continue to care about human need around the world, giving an average of over $3 million each year for disaster relief & food programs for needy children
Faith Promise
The number one way that our local church supports the above ministries is through Faith Promise giving. This offering is an act of faith in God that promises to give a specific amount to world evangelism through regular weekly, monthly, or annual giving. We depend on the faithfulness of our people as these moneys go specifically to pay our missionaries' salaries around the world.
Mission Trips
Again, through the International Church of the Nazarene we are able to be a part of Work and Witness trips to various countries to help build church buildings. On average, over 6200 persons donate their time each year to this ministry. At this time our local church is involved in sending teams to Brazil, Mexico and Africa.
Special Speakers
It is our privilege several times throughout the year to host missionary families who have come back to the States to share what God is doing in their area of ministry and to encourage missionary support.